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Sip. Swallow. Smile. TEAlicious! TM

Texas Sunshine Tea is the South’s newest sweet tea beverage. It’s a unique blend of sweet, fruity flavors and Black tea even non-tea drinkers have come to love. One sip and it will definitely put a smile on your face. If you say you don’t like tea, you haven’t tried Texas Sunshine Tea. It’s not your average tea beverage.

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8 Oz.


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16 Oz.


Texas Sunshine Tea 8 oz bottleOrder Now

3 Qt.


Texas Sunshine Tea 8 oz bottleOrder Now

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Call Sonny at (713) 828-5699 or email me to place an order. I deliver to most areas in Houston and the surrounding area (within a 50 mile radius). Outside Houston? You can order online.

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