Sonny B. James, Jr.

Fashion, food, photography…and SO much more!

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About SonnyJamesJr.com

Thank you for taking some time to visit my website. The site is a central location for finding out about the products and services I provide to help businesses and individuals grow and become successful. My goal is to give you the information you need to learn more about my business endeavors and how they can benefit you. I can help you if:

  • you’re an individual interested in modeling but don’t know where to begin. I scout, train, and manage models.
  • you’re a business owner who needs to book models for projects but don’t know where to find good, professionally-trained, high-quality talent. My company Illusion Model Management has the talent you need.
  • you’re in need of photographer for a wedding, graduation, fashion photo shoot, special event or other project, but haven’t been able to locate a good one. I provide photography services, reasonbly-priced for any budget, and for a variety of projects and events.
  • a business looking for creative ways to gain more exposure, increase revenue, and grow your business. I work with business owners to develop unique, creative, and affordable ways to make them more competitive in their market. Contact me.
  • someone who wants to find out more about my products Texas Sunshine Tea and Sonny’s Delights Designer Candy and how to order them

…you’ll find everything you need on this site. If you still have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

I decided to create this site after finding that several of my friends, social media followers, and customers were not fully aware of all products and services I’m capable of providing. Whether it’s runway coaching, model management, fashion show production, speaking/guest appearances, photography services, fashion styling services, event planning and management, or my products Texas Sunshine Tea and Sonny’s Delights Designer Candy, to name a few, I have a proven track record of providing high-quality goods and services.


About Sonny

In a nutshell, I’m a native Texan, I love sports, and my Mom’s my #1 girl. Watch this interview to get to know a little more about me.

16 random things about me

  1. Lying near a body of water and listening to the waves or waterfall is the ultimate in relaxation to me.
  2. I often forget to stop to eat and drink when I’m “on the grind”, focused on completing some task.
  3. I’m a huge fan of smooth jazz music. However, I’m an even HUGER (yeah, I made that one up) fan of Janet Jackson!
  4. I was an undercover narcotics investigator with the D.A.’s office for 8 years. Once, during an undercover operation, I had a gun held to my head and the trigger was pulled. Fortunately, there was no bullet in the chamber.
  5. The Dallas Cowboys will ALWAYS be my favorite football team.
  6. I’ve survived 3 major bus crashes, one of which almost killed me. So, I will not ride Greyhound-like buses.
  7. I LOVE cruise vacations!
  8. I am not bi-racial. Both of my parents are African-American. (I get that question…A LOT.)
  9. I am a Christian and, barring any unforseen circumstance, I attend church EVERY Sunday.
  10. I love drag racing, I’m a fan of the NHRA, and ProStock class cars are my absolute favorite! Watch me race. (Note: This links to a video on my Facebook page.)
  11. I do KILLER lawncare and landscaping, can build backyard decks, and make delicious hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries, tea, and candy.
  12. People say my Father and I look alot alike. They also say I resemble Malcom X. What do you think?
    Sonny B. James, Jr.
  13. People think I wear colored contact lenses and color my hair, but my eye and hair color is natural.
    Sonny B. James, Jr.
  14. Telling me, “It can’t be done.” is as good as giving me the green light to prove to you that it CAN be done.
  15. My nickname is “Sunshine”.
  16. Growing up, my best friends were my dogs “Max”, “Shep”, and “Sunshine”.

Want to know more? Read this. And, check out my fashion, food, and photography services. Thanks!